The future of Planning

Does advertising need to restate its role in the marketing communications industry? And what is the role of strategy, or planning, in this process?

By request, and in response to the brilliant Spur series by Redscout, hosted by PSFK, I have added my thoughts on the future of planning.

My point being that advertising is getting dangerously close to becoming nothing more than a small niche in the marketing communications portfolio. And, as is pointed out by several of the brilliant people interviewed in the video, it’s business model is looking more and more like an execution model rather than an conceptual overarching strategic model.

It is my claim that if advertising is to regain some of the portfolio it has been losing over the past 40 years, it needs to concentrate on servicing a larger perspective of the strategic sphere of marketing communications, and strategists, or planners, are one of the more important products in this new model.

    – And in that process maybe even understand that their main product – the idea – is not as important and valued in this portfolio as it ones was

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    . It is a problem that people still hail the VW ads of the 60s and 70s as the best ever, when they are clearly representing a completely different communications landscape than what we are faced with today.

First, the Spur episode on the future of planning:And then, my own, and tad uncomfortable, video response.

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