Design brushes not paintings!

Donald Norman finishes up his book Emotional Design with a quote regarding the designers role in making objects that can be personalized and customized by the owner:

“A space can only be made into a place by its occupants

. the best that the designer can do is put the tools into their hands.” – Steve Harrison and Paul Dourish
. Re-place-ing space

This is quite similar to Jeffery Veens quote regarding how to design for participant controlled networks:

“Give people the tools to participate effortlessly, accept that they own their data, and remember your service is just one tiny piece of a much bigger experience. A simpleformula for success.”
– Jeffrey Veen

This sets a three point agenda forward:
. Design tools, not solutions.
2. Never launch a finished product

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. (only through real use and further tailoring can communication find it’s ideal form).
3. A web campaign should not have a limited lifespan. (a limited campaign lifespan belongs to the stone age of interactive advertising).