“Widgets” take center stage

Old news by now, but Uniqlock taking the Titanium Grand Prix at Cannes for their blog Widget Uniqlock

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. Kind of demonstrates the importance and possibilities available through widgets and experiential brand experiences.

From the Cannes 2008 website:

    UNIQLO was seeking an innovative way to build its brand awareness internationally, and promote its business expansion into the global market. We recognized the 70 million blogs worldwide as a powerful buzz-building media, and created a functional and entertaining blog widget for the bloggers to spread the brand globally
    . The campaign concept we developed was the fusion of a CLOCK which functions as a blog utility, time signaling MUSIC, and DANCE performance videos with UNIQLO clothing. We named it UNIQLOCK. As a 100% UNIQLO branded widget, this automatically became a tool to connect UNIQLO and the world’s bloggers.

    Over 27000 widgets from 76 countries Over 68 million views from 209 countries (widgets + website) Over 500 thousand views on You Tube (the audition videos) Over 175 thousand downloads (screensavers) Over 619 thousand web pages (google) (To Date: 10th January, 2008 )