Colliding Worlds by Tribal DDB

Jeroen Matser did a nice round-up of what Tribal DDB calls “Colliding Worlds” at the Cannes festival.

“Colliding Worlds” is a sequel to the presentation Jeroen did last year at Cannes and it rounds up a lot of ideas concerning the future of advertising (“is marketing”) – which this and many other blogs have been posting about this last half year

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. I wasn’t there to see it but Vincent Thomé posted the video on his blog

The first 30 minutes of the presentation is a bit of a “soup-of-examples”, but the last 15 minutes starts pulling strings together and concluding on some great concepts, and quotes.

As important, Tribal DDB London also set up this blog B is for Beta where they are trying to gather a bit of discussion and a collection of knowledge and resources concerning these ideas.
(A bit like The Kaiser Editions Content Manifesto, but more interactive :o)