Consumer insight for inspiration, not validation

A bit old, but these two videos make a really nice tabloid – easy to win a discussion with – point out of the weakness of using focus group research as a grounds for validating an idea.

Even though Jon Steel says the quality of the focus group depends on the moderator

. (Trues, lies and Andvertising)


I still lean on Malcolm Gladwell who says it really well at the end of this excellent PopTech Presentation

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“Forcing you to explain something when you don’t necessarily have the vocabulary and the tools to explain your preference automatically shfts you towards the most conservative and the least sophisticated choice.”

Also pointed out by Donald Norman here:

In line with some of my previous posts on Emotional Research, and in the words of Jeroen Matser – following up on the last post:

“Consumer insight is used quite a lot to validate work, or validate creative ideas, rather then inspire”

Found this time via Research Talk