One hundred inspirational ideas

Summarizing the last one and a half years of thinking and stealing I thought I’d put together the best ideas I’ve presented through my blog and slideshare account

I put them all, in random order, into a slideshow and published it on

As always, find the individual slides under CC-license on

Please find the presentation below or here:

revascularisation • Manage within the What is sildenafil? 2. Patient communication. Patients may have concerns.


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  1. Jim Burke
    November 26

    Thank you for building this idea and insight deck. You have offered a lot of dots to connect in many ways and it is a wonderful piece of systems work. Yet another thing to be grateful for on Thanksgiving Day.

  2. Paal Holter
    November 29

    I find both the format and content of your collections inspirational. State of the art on digital communication. Keep it up!

  3. November 30

    Jim and Paal; thank you both for the positive feedback :)


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