By 2011 do two things

Don’t wait for niche media to become big enough to employ the mass media mindset to it…

    I have been referencing a lot the last year some numbers from Microsoft saying that only 20% of what consumers do online today is traditional activities – traditional activities being the stuff we did a 100% of the time six or eight years ago.

    This would give that only 20% of what people do is either mass media or the “information web” – and 80% is something else.

As mass becomes niche and niche becomes mass-ive this doesn’t kill of mass media, but it says that employing mass media mechanics only works on a small size of the market – whilst what we still term as niche media; richer interactions, connecting with customers and building relationships with them – is where we stand to generate 80% of our value.

Which should give that we need to start 2011 doing two things:

    Don’t wait for niche media to become big enough to employ the mass media mindset to it – mass media has got nothing to do with size and is more a reference to its mechanics. Mechanics not shared by the emerging and established niche media opportunities.

    Start capitalizing on relationships. Which does not mean social media, but relationships as in memberships and loyalty.

    As an example: Think of an online bank with online services and mobile applications that completely changes and improves customers personal financial situation – as opposed to the state of online banking today where banks think they are the providers of calculators, and marketing to loyal members equals sending them brochures every three months.

Marketing will during the next couple of years, and we will hopefully see more of it already in 2011, grow closer and closer to companies business models

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. Gartner is anticipating this by 2015 for the IT industry and marketing is following suit.

This doesn’t mean marketing becomes boring and sales driven. It means marketing needs to twist its mind coming up with reasons to ad subscriptions to products – create subscribers rather than customers. It means marketing will be less about alien intangibles and creative measurements, and more about real value, real people and real objectives.

It means doing what you do will become a lot more fun in 2011!

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