Aurora, struggling to see how this represents the future

This is just silly, a true testimony to what happens when you rationalize your way directly into unimaginative innovation.

Adaptive Path and Mozilla Labs new concept browser experience, Aurora, is looking straight ahead. Without imagining colliding vectors, innovations and unforeseen digital evolution outside the browser or PC context affecting how we go one step further into the future.

Both Nokia, Microsoft and Intel have produced much more impressive ideas previously. (the links are to youtube videos)

OK, it’s just a concept in it’s premature version, but still.. Here is a couple of reasons why I think this is of the mark:

    1. The browser is not the future, it’s a small part of it. Expanding it’s reach, in stead of contracting and concentrating it, as if it is the core of the digital universe is fundamentally misunderstanding it’s abilities and future role

    2. People aren’t interested in getting more stuff in the same place. We need to clean stuff up, long tail and tailor your applications.

    3. Nice thought with the 3d, but this is overdoing it. Sitting in front of a desk, keyboard, mouse and screen is not optimal for exploring a 3d universe as portrayed in this setting. Remember Tom cruise in Minority report? Much better, and still, a lot less depth in that interface than in the Aurora “cyclone”.

    4. The radio menu is nice, but the sub-menus appearing in the “clovers” being represented by just dots? That’s not very helpful – what about icons?


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    . Inventing an icon menu running around the screen, filling everything with content might make some of it more accessible, but how soon does it become inaccessible? Again, is the future really about “more”? Or “smart”?

Aurora (Part 1) from Adaptive Path on Vimeo.

Via NRK Beta.

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