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“The pandemic exposed the lie that was digital transformation,” says Alan Webber, program vice-president, customer experience at IDC (1). As the mid- and/or post-pandemic pressure…

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Learning leads to new insights and new knowledge. It challenges, enriches or makes existing ideas obsolete. Every day the learning team finds how they can…

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Design depends largely on the sum of all constraints — Charles Eames Design is not to have a beautiful idea and protect it against…

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Combining Jobs-to-be-done with experimentation offers an effective way for the team to start learning and seeing the world from the customer perspective. While strategic statements…

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Why do we need metrics? My suggestion: to make better decisions. Any metric we use should be either an experiment (we think x will happen if we…

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Recent developments in the architecture of markets could end up putting companies in a situation they haven’t trained for: Having to compete for customers, not against competitors . Will…

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Keep up-to-date on recommended articles and thinking by following my magazines on Flipboard – hyperprolactinaemia What is sildenafil? preferences, seek new information, or wish to.…

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