What more does it take to create desire and attention in the blogosphere… and everywhere.

Steve Garfield‘s number two rule of videoblogging: Keep it short
. (first one is still passion)

climax when you have sex together?”49REASSESSMENT AND sildenafil.

. (View video)

I believe this applies to all kinds of blogging. Readers and enthusiasts are already spending to much of their day keeping updated and informed on tens or hundreds of blogposts. It’s much more desirable to spend 20 seconds on a short insightful riff that gets your brain started on an idea, than delving into a pit of information demanding 15 to 30 minutes of your life.

This also off course put’s enormous demands on the writing skills of the blogger

. Headlines becoming more and more important to get those first seconds of attention, and even shortening it down to the first to or three words.

It’s not only about the content, all though if you got a good reputation it will give the reader a bigger incentive to spend a couple more seconds on the post to see of it’s interesting or not, but it’s about the editing of the text, the creation of anticipation through basic storytelling techniques and the use of visual aids throughout to help people scan for the meaty parts

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