New Digital, Seven suggestions to guide marketing in the right direction

What’s happening in Digital / Marketing / Advertising
. I’m trying to structure the topic and raise some questions.

The presentation is a collection of thoughts inspired or thought out by the people writing the blogs I read every day, and I hope this can further build on all the things I learned from you :o)

It’s a sequel to my last presentation on Slideshare where I tried to see why we have come to where we are today. Now we are in a bit of a transit mode. We see a lot of the possibilities but are waiting for either technological enhancements public absorption or guts..

addresses specific psychological or interpersonal factors viagra recommended (e.g..


Looking forward to continuing the conversations..

I apologize for the inconvenience but it’s a bit of a full screen show. View the whole thing here at New Digital, on

Update: I’m trying to update the slideshow with a new front page, but unfortunately, the embedded slide presentation, doesn’t seem to update itself.

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