Five rules of collaboration

What are the key requirements for any project exploring the possibilities on creative collaboration?

Today at the picnic08 Charles Leadbeater did an excellent presentation which included five thoughts on what’s important for projects trying to involve participants and create collaborative creativity

Loosely re-articulated :o)

The five requirements of collaboration:

. Diversity.
Things need to change/evolve

I have picked quotes from other presenters today to exemplify this point:

    “For the world to be interesting we need to keep manipulating it.”
    – ?

    “Without order nothing can exist, without chaos nothing can grow”
    – Ed Kless

2. Unique ways to contribute. There needs to be a sliding scale of opportunities to contribute – don’t force every participant into the same format

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. And keep the thresholds low.

3. Connect and cooperate.Let the participants connect and build on each others contributions. This is not a serial row of ideas, we are building a pyramid.

4. Shared sense of purpose. To participate one needs to see a meaning and a direction. And don’t let them start from scratch, every collaboration needs to be launched from some foundation contributed by the brand / organization.

. Decisions within structures.
Participants have to be able to control and shape the organism in the way they want it to go. But keep it inside a structure

The title of the manifesto “cathedral and the bazaar” makes a nice point about this point (5). And Nicholas Carr updates the thoughts brilliantly in this article “The ignorance of the crowds“.

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