The importance of imagery

Three recent studies enhance my belief in Ken Robinsons adage that intelligence is as much found and created through visual and expressive language as the written one.

General ElectricHe argues in his book “Out of our minds” that by measuring intelligence by IQ and believing that intelligence is an academic discipline we are undermining the larger part of the populations ability to be magnificent and creative

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Transferring this to a web/advertising/internet context I find that there is a faulty convention believing that text is the only  way to communicate information on the net. We have long accepted, at least some of us, that  images and visual stimuli can create an emotional context in which to place information, but think about taking this one step further…

What does images tell you?
They tell stories. Isn’t branding about stories and values?
They create immediate feelings of being on the right page without having to read a thing
They tell of as much rational information as any amount of text ever can. Like an image of the product being used in a technical drawing or IKEA’s user manuals which are images only.

So why do we over focus on the use of textual language to communicate on webpages?

The three studies I mentioned at the beginning:
“A new study by, an online automobile community, found that a picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to advertising autos on the web.”

“A recent study by Coremetrics, on behalf of SellPoint Inc., discovered that on-demand video tours of products can greatly increase sales conversion rates.”

“Advertisers have long assumed that the message is the most important part of any ad campaign. However, it may not be what your ad is saying that determines how a user responds.”

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