From game theory

The concepts of game theory are universal, as games, even though they often seem unreal due to their “packaging”, are a representation of the mechanics and dynamics of reality with just one or a few additional attributes.

    “When you give someone a toy of a system,” explains renowned game designer Will Wright, “it gives them a new perspective on it

    . They see that system as a dynamic, organic thing

    . Living in it in the real world, they don’t notice day-to-day changes in it, but when that system is sped up over 50 years or more, they see the changes clearly. And they gain a new perspective on it.”
    Will Wright on, (thanks to Freddy for the link)

A different quote is from Matt J Costello, author of books and games:

    “something boring in real life is fun when done interactively”

After seeing Robin Hunicke’s presentation on Lift, explaining the core concept of games (Mechanics+Dynamics=Aesthetics), I have used this formula to success in many settings as it often is a key unlocking a door to understanding something that seems quite complicated at first

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