Explaining complex concepts through video: Arenas, Real Life and Intimate Technology

I just found two videos on AdFreak (excellent blog on advertising) which I found quite good at explaining, or putting a humorous twist on, the stuff we are currently spending lot of time thinking about.

Traditional advertising uses channels, which in essence are just tubes you pour storytelling through in hope of attracting the attention of the receiver at the other end. But New Digital is all about Lovemaking on Experience Arenas, where there is dynamics, dialogue, multi-directional-communication, where stuff not only gets consumed, but adopted, adapted and enriched. Arenas can be large forums or universal communities, but it can also be small applications on your desktop of mobile phone. That is why this one, from Sprint made the point so well

Real Life
Is digital real? or virtual? There is a difficult distinction here which is eroding quickly. Many Digital Immigrants still view activities online or on the computer as something artificial, something not real. But Digital Natives don’t see that distinction and reference communication through digital channels in the same way as talking to a person face to face. MTV Switch did a nice take on that.

The 4th Screen
And of course, as an additional bonus, there is always the 4th screen, by Nokia, which goes a long way in explaining the whole notion of Intimate Technology/ Personal Media / New Digital

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