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Just found a content rich, insightful and valuable slideshow on mobile marketing from Christopher Billich of Infinita. (via Threebillion and MobileYouth)

2008 have previously been coined (Experience Matters on online trends for 2008 in Finance) as the year when mobile marketers should explore the opportunities in mobile before the technology, participants and operators kick in and turn the competitive arena dark red

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Unfortunately 2008 still has mainly been a year of envy, looking at the Japanese customers and seeing the possibilities they enjoy while over at our side of the world the operators are milking every last drop out of their stone age business models before deciding to meet the customer demands for technological advance even half way

Luckily there is a lot of good content to read in the mean time. This presentation by Christopher Billich of Infinita is definetly worth it’s ten minutes


(via Threebillion and MobileYouth).

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