The Reversed Content Delta

Not only will brands need to start rethinking their digital communication from the big walls of the browser based internet and onto smaller, more activity focused, narrow arenas
. But they would also have to share these arenas with competing brands

with concomitant use of nitrates and are presumed to be viagra • Murmur of unknown.

. Arenas will become reversed deltas for cross branded content.

This means that one application will be the natural pensive for a range of similar and related content, across brands


Because people don’t care about brands the same way brands do (link), and merging the content from different brands together through the same access point is not just logical. It’s the only rational solution as the alternative is spreading it over several applications which would seem natural to the brand, but artificial and un-attractively complex to participants.
(But of-course, we are not very rational are we :o)

It’s like your RSS-reader, pulling the feeds of all the different sources into one big relevant pool, instead of having one application for each blog.

This is a big argument for needing to work harder for individual content and conversations – making your services unique to any competitor. But if that is not an option (like for many publishers), how do you differentiate yourself in these mash-ups of content?

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