Ideas of culture

Marketing is all about value, and messaging is only one part of this

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. Another part is services, and yet another the branded utilities (and so on and so forth).

In order to create value we have to do as Alex Bogusky has mentioned: We need to identify the brand inside a framework of culture
. (Seth Godin also mentions this in his book All Marketers Are Liars)

As we have seen many times over, a brand is not a word (or three), it’s a state of mind, a collective mindset
. Asking people to articulate this emotional, subconscious reference will return a range of descriptions reflecting the capacity of the participant to articulate his or her feelings.

In that sense; the brands as ideas of culture, I’m really liking this quote By Scott Goodson and Chip Walker from the Contagious blog:

    The first thing marketers need in this environment is a harder-working idea, one that operates in culture rather than in a product category, and lets consumers rethink your competitive frame of reference, defining it more broadly.

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