Let the main stream inspire us

Are we being fooled by inspiration from the innovators of the digital landscape, rather then getting down and dirty with the main stream?

To ad a bit of nuance to this blog I thought I’d ad a video of Daryl Arnolds’ presentation at the PSFK Conference Asia 2008 (via PSFK). Where he is talking about how people like us tend to look at the innovators rather than the main stream when being inspired

Two quotes from the presentation:

    “Let the main stream sometimes inspire us”
    “Because digital is no longer a new media, but a mass media, we really do ignore the main stream at our peril”

    – Daryl Arnold

Personally I am not sure I agree, especially with his reference of digital turning into a mass media, which we’ve been working hard to prove that it to a large extent isn’t.:

    – Young consumers use digital increasingly as a communication medium, more than a mass medium
    – It’s also becoming more personal, Nokia talks about intimate technology, others say we are going from mass media to “my media”.

We are also in kind of a special situation here in Norway, where digital participants are some of the most advanced in the world

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. In a recent European study we where the only country that needed five groups to define our digital citizens where all other country’s only needed four. Our fifth group was related to what was defined as “digital innovators”

As always, invite yourself to make up your own mind

. :o)

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  1. December 14

    Without having seen the video yet, I just have to comment because I react to the typical either/or classification that often prevails, and persists. I mean in my mind digital is the only media/channel/whatever term, that can be both. And it can be it simultaniously. BBC broadcasts live to the whole world – mass media, direct twitter – one to one, blogging about your interests – my media. It’s everything, and that’s more awesome that anything before. Twitter is good for example because it allows the users to decide, as in open tweets or direct ones. Whatever makes more sense decides. And like Clacy said; it doesn’t become really useful until it gets booring, or something like that, which makes a lot of sence. The mainstream are still MySpace and MSN and those services aren’t fully developed yet, so disregarding services like them would be a mistake. Anyone else reacting to the either/or thinking?

  2. December 14

    Who the h**l is Clacy??? Haha, Shirky of course.

  3. December 15

    We don’t shower in hot or cold water, It’s usually something in the middle.

    You make a valid point of course. The format of blogging isn’t very giving when it comes to nuance, and opinions often come across promoting one view and leaving out others, even it is not intended.

    And, nice job with Clacy :o) He is good..

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