Stop interrupting it


Just wanted to point to this quote from Ruby Pseudo Wants a Word, underlining the point that social media is not a media channel, its a conversation medium, and marketing needs to think about how to participate and ad value to an existing conversation, an existing idea, not keep interrupting it.

The quote is by Roxy Hartless, interviewing Pieter,15, from Belgium:

    What was the last truly awful thing you saw a brand do? [in terms of youth marketing]

    Guitar Hero: World Tour did a BIG advert on Netlog, the number 1 social networking site in Belgium

    . They re-designed the whole homepage in a Guitar Hero theme

    27• Chronic medical illness :• Prescription or non- prescription drug use viagra.

    . As the most part of the social networking thing goes via the homepage, it was quite irritating to be obliged to look at it.

Link: Ruby Pseudo Wants a Word.

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