The Irrationality of Context


Utilizing context is key in marketing activities, in anything from media placement to message relevance, from idea value to utilizing the correct service

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. But there is one great hitch with context, it is completely irrational.

Context is as complex as the mind of the customer multiplied by the minds of his or her peers. It can be affected by anything happening in the conscious and subconscious mind at any one time.

What influences context, or what it emulates, might be impossible to understand. And if we try to deconstruct context from a rational viewpoint we might end up with solutions leading us to create marketing for the wrong minds, if to any at all. Ever been to a meeting where the participants tried to understand and rationalize discoveries from research by connecting it to their own personal worlds? Entertaining, but not recommended.

My point is that at the same time that context is extremely important it’s also extremely difficult, and understanding it based on the top-of-mind reasons might as well lead our strategies down the completely wrong track.

Malcolm Gladwell points at this popTech, and the latest TED moment with Dan Gilbert does the same.

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