Patterns and predictability of traffic and design

Tokyo TrafficFor a long time I have said that in traffic don’t always follow the rules, but follow the pattern
. What I would mean by that is that if every pedestrian, every cyclist and every bus or car followed the flowing pattern that naturally exists in every traffic image everything would run smoothly. But if someone breaks the pattern and cuts a sudden right at the sidewalk, or jumps from the sidewalk to the street the pattern would be disrupted and other participants would need to distress not to bump into you or run you down

This even applies to those pedestrians cutting in to traffic as soon as the “walk” sign goes green. Straght in front of cars making a last second “run” through the crosssection and have to stand on their brakes not to hit the pedestrian


So why am I on about this? Because Don Norman talks about predictability in this New York Times article, and predictability is key to why a pattern is so important
. Giving co-participants the possibility to predict the other participants moves and by that finding their own place smoothy inside the pattern wthout disturbing the flow

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Now Donald Norman thinks predictability is key to deisgn.. Key to understanding and using objects: An interface or a product needs to be predictable in order to be intuitive and usable by the consumer.

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