Does Aftenposten get it all wrong? The old generation video websites launch


Aftenposten writes about and in a form that makes them stand out as the next generation video content websites. But what is so special about them?

The format of these to online video channels is that they do not allow the participant to choose their own content, but merely lets them watch a continuous stream of videos handpicked by experts.

This sounds a lot like TV, and that’s because it has got a lot of the same “features” as TV like;
1. LIVE (watch it now or never).
2. You don’t choose, we choose for you
3. NO participant handling of content, we you just sit back, relax and make “lightning” comments, that appear Live and then dissapear.

Now, is this better than YouTube? this “Next Generation online video content”? I don’t think so.

To me it seems as someone has found that the traditional media/tv-model can fit right into the internet, just remove on of it’s most priced possessions; the democracy of the participants and the ability to watch it “when you want” – both which has been two of the most revolutionary concepts of online content.

But I’m sure a lot of people will watch it, but only the laggards, the ones who never got the new model but just want to sit back and relax to be entertained, not participate

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It’s so wrong to think about the internett as a passive medium, it’s active and involving. If you want success you can’t lazy people down. Then they can just as well watch TV. The important thing on the net is to activate them, entertain them and participate with them.

You see, that in contrary to what the article states.. YouTube is structured content, it’s a community for the participants that spend their lives there. There are participants wading through thousands of movies finding only the best content for you, and there are channels letting you subscribe to content you already appreciate. YouTube has it all. Yotube is not a videochannel, it’s a video community – and that is the reason for it’s success…

To me Current and Knocka seems like a medium sized idea. A familiar concept to the oldskool digital immigrants out there who never understood the new democratized models of the internet and have struggled for a couple of years in order to push the digital channel back into something similar to the older format.

PS. although it will be interesting to see if the participants embrace the possibility to participate in and create their own spheres, or if they just want to dumb down and let professionals do it for them….

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