Is visual search the next frontier of searching?

AdPunch claims that a new product from PIXTA will be the next revolution of online advertising, but is proper visual search a landscape never to be conquered by automation?

Text to text search (Searchengines/adwords) has been around for a long time, but I am sure everyone has experienced it’s limitations when looking for something with only an image as a reference. It seems quite odd, at least to me it did, that something I experienced as very useful and resourceful tool came crashing down a soon as a bit more complex set of data (image instead of word) was the input into a search procedure.

Now PIXTA “claims” to have solved the puzzle, recognizing your choice on a desktop of images and serving you with images of similar products.

It’s a nice start, but still to rudimentary to work in conjunction with the speed and complexity of the mind, it feels like something that would work perfectly in theory, but it is far from giving me an immersive or engaging shopping experience.

It might be usable, but at this junction I’m not sure it’s either useful or desirable

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