Is the future of mobile advertising old advertising?

This presentation on Deepspace gives an overview on the disappointing status-quo, but an optimistic look at the future of mobile advertising.

Its a bit difficult just watching this presentation on slideshare to tell if the presenters are creating a gap:

    This is now, and its not good because we should have been over here instead…

Or if they are giving a rosy picture on the magic that is?

But however this was presented, it inspires me to supplement some thoughts from the presentation with two of my own ideas on the state of present day mobile advertising:

    1. People give their attention to the mobile in small moments of boredom. They are trying/hoping to fill a void with something of value. Mobile ads in this context can be mind fodder, something to spend time with for short moment

    But that doesn’t mean advertising should stop there. We should strive to create worthwhile value, stuff you subscribe to, context for the brand – real value

    Mobile advertising should be more long term, not only getting attention but creating relationships with the visitor, consumers will consistently need to fill these gaps or voids, so why not fill them with the value of your brand?

    In other words:
    “Advertising isn’t just a short story, it’s a longer experience shared with the consumer”.
    – Unfortunately I’m bit rusty on the source of this quote

    Sometimes people are talking of The New Marketing Model as putting old advertising ideas into new platforms and arenas. But this is a misinterpretation of the possibilities. The New Marketing Model is a whole new mindset – it’s the next generation services.

    2. “People want to be compensated for watching ads” – says everything of how bad the old advertising model is. We should create value and meaning for the brand, for consumers who want to engage with us and participate – not pay them to watch our message – what kind of ambition is that?

    I know Blyk is a kind of success, but the whole business model defies the purpose of branding: Striving to create something sought after and valuable in its own wright. Blyk is for terrible advertising to consumers you really don’t want.

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(The presentation found via the blog of Paul Isakson)

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  1. Cory Hendrickson
    August 22

    Was at this presentation. It was part of a building mobile in Minneapolis, MN conference. This was the lead presentation intended to provide the high level oversight of the mobile industry.

    I thought it was the most successful presentation of the day in that it showed just how far we have yet to go in the United States to make major waves in the mobile ad world. So to answer your question, it presented more of a gap rather than painting a rosy picture.

    The bottom line was more of a pep talk – nobody knows what the market will be, we know people are using on new devices, and get in the game now when you can still make mistakes and beat competitors.

  2. admin
    August 23

    Thanks for the comment Cory. :o) Sounds like a very good presentation.

    Scott Weisbrod over at Experience Matter also made an excellent comment on this under his post on Predictions for online trends in Financial Services. Where he states that banks should get in now and learn, while the grace period still lasts.

    Thanks again. :o)

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