Religion, morality and the Social Object

Is religion and morality a result of the need for collaboration? Can this help us understand more about the social object? Perhaps…

We have moved from walls to write anything on, to conversations around content, to social objects. But what is a social object and how deep inside the human cultural and biological evolution does it sit

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. Is it more than just a shared interest? Is it a corner stone of human nature?

Jonathan Haidt at TED presents some highly interesting thoughts on motivations for collaboration.

Especially two of Haidt’s quotes captured my attention:

    On religion:
    “Some people think that religion is an adaptation evolved both by cultural and biological evolution to make groups cohere. In part for the purpose of trusting each other, and then being more effective of competing with other groups.”

    On punishment:
    “There is even some recent research suggesting that religion, priming god, making people think about god, often in some situations lead to more social more cooperative behavior”

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