“Change – creating the illusion of progress”

I am often left with the impression that everything needs change. But without what we already know, we have nothing.

As new opportunities allow us to move:

Do we need to change everything?

Opportunities don’t die, but move into roles based on their abilities (and what they are bad at gets taken over by other tools). Which means that “Old” advertising would be as needed as “new” advertising in the years to come

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. And that “change” doesn’t need to mean “everything” but often means “something”.

In all this “hoorah”, I find the slogan on one of my Dilbert coffee cups often puts the world into perspective :o)

“Change – creating the illusion of progress”.

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  1. December 13

    Helge – my college hockey coach had a saying that I think applies beautifully here. He always said “don’t mistake activity for productivity”.

    Keep up the great work.


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