The importance of excellent sound

Sound writes about the effects of audio in marketing. An informative article specifically the reference to the “wineshop”-experiment where playing french music in the shop versus german music showed a four to one and three to one preference for wine originating from the same country as the music.

Robert B. Cialdini writes about in his book “Influence“. Where a study of the turkey has shown that the mother recognizes her offspring by their specific “cheep-cheep” sound:

“Virtually all of this mothering is triggered by by one thing: the ‘cheep-cheep’ sound of young turkey chicks. Other identifying features of the chicks, such as their smell, touch or appearance, seem to play minor roles in the mothering process. If a chick makes the cheep-cheep noise, its mother will care for it; if not, the mother will ignore or sometimes kill it.”

Expert Persuasion Architects Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg write about sound in their books (Persuasive online copywriting and Call to action). Although it seems more of a longshot they claim that since Brocas’ Triangle is so close to the ear using sound as a persuasive tool is like taking the super highway into someones subconscious and conscious mind

I’m not sure distance in centimeters is the most crucial element for success when it comes to marketing tools and the brain, but their reference to music and lyrics, and the fact that we learn them most easily and seem to never forget them is an interesting point.

Anyways… writes that the research show that sound does help, as long as it is enjoyable and, as with any other experience, it reflects the excpectations of the customer

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