The old and the new of not-for-profit engagement and involvement

A good article on Businessweek couple of days ago on the new Pew research study finding that younger people (in America) use social networking to a great extent in order to find and gather information on the political candidates, while the older generation use other channels


This is yet another symptom showing the brand “NEW” school for engaging and involving participants in social debate and not-for-profit causes
. The old rule everyone knows: become a member of something, subscribe to a newspaper, join a demonstration..
. etc. This is not working so well with the digital natives, not because they don’t care, but because they can’t relate or understand the tools offered to them. Because of high treshold to participate, and lack of availability when it comes to wherever and whenever

Other examples of stuff working is the demoes on Facebook; signing up or befriending a cause, or Amnesty Internationals SMS-membership in Norway: Sending me a txt three times a month asking me to support a cause by replying to the text with my name in it.

Or this one, also Businessweek:
“Already, his team are working on developing an SMS-based Twitter service to pinpoint where aid workers are located in a disaster zone — what they’re doing and what they need

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. This will hook into a Facebook application which pinpoints those workers’ location on a map, and allow them to see who’s in their area (people they know; friends of people they know) and thus make vital connections and build relationships.”