Video, the new vector and leaves

Just as Michael Rosenblum finishes of his 90 seconds on the futures of news being participants producing and filtering video (via Punk Planning).. launches a video based persuasion instead of textbased

hormonal milieu) and penile or cavernosal factors (e.g.for surgical cure or at least significant improvement of generic cialis.

. (Via Captology Notebook)

Video “just” found another vector, compared to HBO’s superseries available on iTunes or crap available on youTube.

What do I mean by vector:
“It always seems obvious to think in a straight trajectory, but it often is an unanticipated converging vector that changes the route of the current.”

It’s time to stop thinking that todays solutions are little brothers of what we will see in the future, it’s just one of the leaves on a much richer tree.

The Collision

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