Predicting the temperature of the population

I have long been searching for different/richer ways to aquire insight regarding customers/participants and their incentives and motivations for performing actions.

Where we (at least here in Norway) tend to use a lot of old technology in order to aquire insight
. (as an example, lab-usertesting, designed in the 80’s is still a prominent and regular method for aquiring knowledge concerning customers
. Even though it was designed for learning about the use of software system in a time where both users and usage-situations differed immensly from todays habits and participants).

In this context I found the research conducted during the last American and French elections interesting

. Where one asks not “Who would YOU vote for?”, but “Who do you think will win?”.

Turns out that not asking people about their personal preference, but about their temperature measurment on the rest of society, gives a much more precise prediction

In that sense it is quite soothing to see (via MIT) that looking at Google Trends have proven to be a good predicter both for the American Idol contest winner, and the outcome of political supertuesday

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