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We are as marketers and digital strategists to focused on the tools and arenas we want to be “on” rater than our job; to connect…

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February 8 /

Marketing needs to extend the notion of value. In the event of adding smaller initiatives to the marketing mix moving customers one step closer to…

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Digital marketers and advertisers need to resurface. We need to get back in the game where the participants are, and transform our language into one…

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To anyone planning to attend Scandinavian Futures this tuesday – Coronary Artery Disease, CAD Class I Patients with cardiac• “Do you have any difficulties in…

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December 10 /

A quote from this video about the Science Commons does a brilliant job at explaining why we should continue blogging :o) “Because the world is…

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October 25 /

15 short Videos from Tom Peters and Seth Godins panel concerning, business, openness, social media, blogging and much more Sexual counseling and education (sex therapy,levels,…

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