Changing the Currency

As the media, information and conversational world is changing, why are the business models of the media industry standing still?

In a slightly simplified and stereotypical take on the media industry I’m trying to explain both the new mindset of digital marketing (called “everyday life” in the presentation), and point out how this could affect the way the media industry starts thinking about their products (companies and marketers, not readers).

View the slideshow here, or find it below.

And as always, individual slides under CC to be found here

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  1. June 16

    Hi Faris, thanks for the comment. :o)

    I have received a lot of questions today regarding what I mean by “value”, and will try to elaborate in a later post.

    Thanks also for the link, I had seen the Anamoly article from 2006, but not your post. It’s a bit of a different take on it than I’m (at least trying to) convey, but on the same concept – create value, not interruption.

    Again, thanks a lot for extending on the idea.

    Best Regards

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