Consequences for the post digital mindset

What are some of the implications and consequences for the post digital mindset?

Being interviewed by the brilliant people over at neboweb, I was asked to elaborate on some of the new abilities in marketing, universal identities, everyday life and design
. Here are some outtakes:

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    – The attention web has some abilities that no other form of marketing can copy (attention and immediate effect), but as the number of tools in the marketing toolbox are increasing, so is the competition for marketing dollars. What I am anticipating is that brands will start to invest more money in areas with a different currency than mere attention and interruption.

    – Marketers need to understand that as they gain access to people in a whole new way this requires them to rethink their value proposition towards their customer and ask themselves if the way we do marketing today is the right way and based on the right principles for doing marketing tomorrow? Has the whole way in which we create and provide value changed?

    – As soon as a company owns the value creation of a situation, and starts offering this both to its own customers and to competitor’s customers, they are in fact removing all these people from the game board. Because the direct relationship which they are building with these customers will give them access to them, and their knowledge, in a way that is unrivaled by anything else

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    . And that gets a foothold we have never seen before.

    – It’s probably not a generation thing, it’s a mindset thing. Accepting that humans are complex and irrational – and building stuff for that, rather than for something that is controllable and rational (which is technology).

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