Do you employ “social” strategies in your “one way” marketing?

Social strategies appeal to the basic human needs of identity and value

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. But the same mindset should also be applied to traditional web-marketing.

Aki Spicer over at Fallon Planning does a presentation called The social 10 redux. Now Aki claims that what humans do, fundamentally, whenever or where ever they are, is communicate. I agree

It is our way to understand the world around us, by sharing and investigating ideas and values with others so that we can identify and enrich our own world view (and be in control).

Now Aki includes this statement in a presentation concerning social networking, and although it’s difficult not to agree on the theory in the context of social of participatory activities what I find is that this goes beyond only these environments.

When arriving at your website I seldom just want to go for that one product I have decided to purchase, and then purchase it. I come to your site with a need
. A need which is contained within a meaning, a story put together by parts of my past and visions for the future (all of which is enriched with emotions).

So I have a story, and what I look for first and foremost is something to make me confident that you can help me fulfill this story successfully and within certain personally set limitations.

What I need is not presentations of products, with specifications and thorough descriptions of the inside of black boxes (the products)

. What I need is your part of my story, so that I instantly identify with you and agree with your values and thoughts. Then I need to see that you have a solution, and how this will help. And then, finally I need the product and price and specifications.

Off course this depends on the category, but it’s amazing how many companies forget that their marketing to humans, not robots, on the web.

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