Creative thinking through less certainty and more provocation

PresentationZen presents a video with Edward DeBono talking about creative thinking.

I especially like two things:


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. The Chinese knowledge empire fell because of their scholars belief that you can move from certainty to certainty, and therefore never developed the possibility system. This fits in line with the common structure today in many businesses (and media/marketing) that every “innovative” move or product should be analyzed and calculated in order to understand cost and benefit before taking the jump into the “unkonwn”. This assumption is luckily being enriched and somewhat sidelined by transformative thinking or design thinking.

2. Provocation is essential to a thinking process. Not in order to present a truth, but in order to flip reality on it’s head so that we can look for solutions in new an unexpected places. We are to prone to look for solutions in the same patterns and with the same assumptions we have always done.