Bad Habit

Representatives from two of the largest web media agencies in Norway told us Wednesday that their research into why people where visiting the large web portal ( was mainly “bad habit”.

This goes to say that if you are an old web portal, people tend to stick with what they known (supported by MSN who calls this Neighborhoods, link), but this is not a strategy you should go for if you are new and trying to break into the market

General misconception in the content/media industry is that “content” and “speed” are very important, while I mean that if you look at how people create preference and what people are looking for from the content this means little:


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. Content usually is the same on all the portals, it is the value of the brand – that reflects itself in the article that is important
. People seek meaning, if everybody publishes the same information there is no identity and differentiation.

2. Nobody cares about speed, they demand that your up to date, but prefer quality over fast publishing