Technology and media channels don’t die, they find a role

Technology and media channels never die, but change from being new, “everywhere” and used for “everything” to being recognized for its abilities, advantages and disadvantages – and given a specified role in the consumers everyday life.

History shows us that media and technology eventually finds a purpose, delivering it’s product in a scenario which it is optimized for

Radio is an example, it used to be ominous, now we (norway) listen to it mostly in the car and bathroom.

The TV used to be ominous, now it’s about to find it’s role in “competition” with digital alternatives.

It’s the same with the way we use the Internet today – through the browser environment. The browser has it’s definite advantages and it’s very obvious shortcomings. Soon brands and media companies will start connecting with participants or readers through vehicles best suited for the information or functionality being served – and this is not necessarily the browser.

For example online banking: Why do I have to open a browser, type the URL, log in with password, user name and a cryptic code just to be tossed into an interface looking like a badly designed excel spreadsheet and exposed to tens of tools and opportunities – when all I want is to transfer money or check my balance? Why aren’t these two functionalities made available through tailored applications accessible on my desktop without any form of log in or unnecessary logic?

I anticipate 2008 will be the year when we are gearing up for tailored and personalized services through on-browser applications, widgets and integrated tools

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. The browser is on it’s way to find it’s role – just as the radio did more than 40 years ago.