Designing Identities part 2 – the communication pyramid

If creativity and design is the process of exploring and articulating the product, then what is the product?

This is the second installment from a rather lengthy article on design published on

. It discusses what our product is as the first article argues that creativity is a ubiquitous human trait, and design is a craft and a process (first article here).

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A few outtakes:

    The marketing relationship is different, it is characterized by two hurdles in the relationship mindset; first of all, where the product relationship generates a hundred thousand individual stories, the marketing relationship can only tell one

    . Secondly, it assumes their doesn’t exist a product relationship, and wants to create a new one, by associating the “empty” object to a set of values already existing in peoples minds for something else, this is called “storytelling”.

    The identity of a product should not be defined by its loud advertising, but it should shape its advertising, a task often left to branding and marketing
    . This creates products out of touch with its experience, sometimes missing the point and often generalizing its ambition so that it mixes with more fundamental traits and needs of human nature

    Additionally, individual preferences may direct a patientacknowledge the problem in routine office settings, How to get viagra.

    . (The product is important, but inside situations, not as general as contributors to peoples lives on par with friends or sleep).


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