Mobile Behaviours and Contextual Understanding

Jan Chipcase, renowed Nokia etnographer publishes two of his latest slideshows on his site. Two excellent presentation showing the results of mobile etnography:

Carrying & Interactions Behaviour
Contextual Understanding

The first is a presentation of Interaction and carrying Behaviors, demonstrating where men and women store and how they use their phone.

The second presentation, Anatomy of Mobile TV Use Cases, presents three scenarios in which it elaborates on the context of mobile use. This one is a special favorite of mine as it goes to some depth, and at the same time widens the perspective one something Anne Kirah, former chief deisgn anthropologist at Microsoft – Now at 180 Academy, told a crowd in Norway once – that Norwegians are especially unable to sit still without doing nothing, we pick up and “play” with our mobiles instantly. Now Norwegians weren’t the only ones doing this, but we were the most “impatient” :o)

As I took the tube from London to Heathrow the other day I experienced the same “impatience” with the brits

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. But here it wasn’t the mobile coming out of the pockets and purses but the reading of free newspapers spread around the couches. They got picked up instantly and read. Even a girl as young as eight(ish) sat there reading her free newspaper, funny brits :o)

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