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This last year has seen logarithmic changes in marketing, fueled by different concepts like Utilities, AR, The Collective Exchange of Ideas, Transmedia, Digital becoming ubiquitous,…

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Friday I was (most proudly) quoted by PSFK which referenced a part of my summary of the Mobile panel at Good Idea Salon London. The…

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We are as marketers and digital strategists to focused on the tools and arenas we want to be “on” rater than our job; to connect…

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How important is ethnography to advertising? Ethnography for marketers, A guide to consumer immersion Gives a few answers . The first 30 pages are just…

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Dr . Tina Basi sums up three different kinds of research categories quite simply and nicely over at the Experentia blog. From her presentation: Popular…

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As it has been pointed out many times, linearity is a construct, an imagined process that has been created in order for strategists and theorists…

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