Word-of-Mouth and the self affecting iBeer

Stephen Phillips expanded the notion of Word-of-Mouth on the WARC Influence Conference a couple of weeks ago

. Discussing it as the ubiquitous notion of every conversation, interaction and “social participation” – not a mere “modern” marketing mechanism as it has a tendency to be presented as.

In his context Phillips stated that the effect of seeing someone consume/use a product will have a far greater impression/persuasion on the consumer than any form of marketing will
. (And I can relate, seeing someone the other day drink a bottle of Solo at the gas station and then having to stop at then next one (45 minutes of painstakingly waiting) just to purchase a bottle myself :o)

In this setting the iBeer application from Carlings (currently one of the most downloaded free applications from Apple Store), which Faris links to and discusses on his blog

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. Would be the most perfect self-affecting word-of-mouth advertising yet :o) You don’t even have to see someone else drinking a Carlings, just watch yourselves..

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