The barriers to innovation in mobile

Where lies the barrier to innovation in mobile? I have since attending a mobile conference in February been stunned at the lack of imagination and willingness to truly innovate in this space displayed by Mobile phone operators and many of their subcontractors. (In Norway)

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This has been exemplified by some mobile content providers refusal to admit (personal experience :o) that the content being produced on the back of the WAP plattform are to rigid, to complex, to expensive to develop and to dreary to be adapted by the major public. (web via mobile has had a steady 15% penetration rate in Norway for the last two or three years while other forms of internet communication at the same time has skyrocket)

And that just reformatting content already available on the web onto a smaller screen does not solve the new needs of the consumers in the context of their mobile phone use

The people in charge of the mobile space today are to focused on their old fortress like business models to see the change they must adapt in order to meet the needs of their customers. (thank god for iphone :o)

In a presentation for the Aspen Institute Danah Boyd, anthropologist of the online community does a presentation on “MySpace and Facebook Phenomena” where she half way out in this excerpt starts talking about mobile:

    “What the main stream wants to do and where it’s going for teens is mobile. And the question is what is going to happen in the mobile space. Right now we have huge barriers to innovation in mobile space. The ideas of what could be done with mobile far extends beyond what the carriers will ever allow right now.
    – Danah Boyd

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– Via Putting People First.

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