Tomorrows knowledge infrastructure

The Dataportability Workgroup provides us with the knowledge infrastructure of tomorrows handset controlled world.

As I wrote previously in a comment over at Zeus Jones:

    Mobile handsets will be the remote that will make the physical world as interactive as the digital world is today

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    This will happen through conscious (we actively use the handset to interact) and unconscious (the handset communicates with the environment automatically) interaction.

    Conscious interaction:

    And this is how I think “subconscious interaction” will happen:
    The handset will through accessing our profiles and histories on social networks (and other databases accessibly via the net) and recorded information from “real”-world activities (as you mention in the blog), gain an immense understanding about us and can use this when talking to the environment and adapting it to our preferences.

Now this excellent video by dataportabilty is a magnificent visual example of what I mean by the possibilities in this . Think not only how great this will be for you – as you struggle to keep all your online presences updated and interesting – think how this mountain of information – all gathered in one place, will give an incredible insight into who you are, your culture, motivations and aspirations… what you need and desire – goodbye behavioral targeting



via Daniela Barbosa.

DataPortability – Connect, Control, Share, Remix from Smashcut Media on Vimeo.

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