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Digicynic temporarily signs off as he immerses himself in his new job at W+K Amsterdam. But not leaving us out in the cold he offers a list of valuable thoughts concerning what it takes to be successful in advertising. There has been a lot of these lists, but this has a bit more authenticity to it, and certainly is a recommended read.

Read the full list over at Digicynic…

Personally I favor his first point:

    Be curious
    In today’s world, you need to have your finger on the pulse more than ever

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    . But just checking advertising news and new work like most people do, is not enough.

    Old school advertising agencies are struggling to cope with change because they have lost their curiosity.

This personally made me think of how important curiosity is to Empathy, which I would say is one of the most important abilities of a person in the business.

From my comment:

    I personally like the start with curiosity
    . I would say curiosity even outside of business and innovation is most important as it leads to a better understanding of the fragrances and nuances of the people of the world. And leads to EMPATHY, one of the most important abilities I think an ad-person can have.

    The ability to put own feelings aside and see the world from the eyes of the “target”. As Robert McNamara said while referencing understanding Khrushchev during the Cuban Missile Crisis:

    “We need to put ourselves under their skin, and look at us through their eyes, just to see the thoughts that lie behind their decisions and their actions”. – Robert S. McNamara

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