Business Culture Is Getting Human Behavior Wrong

“Businesses need a new type of problem solving. Why? Because they are getting people wrong” – link

In their book The Moment of Clarity, Christian Madsberg and Mikkel B. Rasmussenargue that “the business culture is using the wrong model of human behavior. it is getting people wrong.” “Once you start truly understanding people’s behavior, you will begin to see your business landscape with a new clarity. you will recognize new opportunities and identify the sources of older, seemingly intractable challenges.”

They suggest that in some cases businesses are without sense of what is wrong and how to fix it. – Where a lot of industries are finding themselves at the moment due to increase in social complexity accelerated by digitisation of assets and processes leading to changes in customer dynamics. – In these cases going underneath the skin of your customers and seeing the world from their perspective can provide the answers and guidance companies need.

In the short videos (found below or here) Rasmussen discussusses three concepts: Problems Scale, Signs Of Sensemaking, and Horizons Of Leadership. 

I found Rasmussen and Madsberg’s through their HBR article An anthropologist walks into a bar, where they discuss how even the most modern of company- or design centric approaches can fail to give any useful results (the stomi-bag case). Whilst using a rather traditional approach (anthropology/etnography) produces a perspective (the customer’s perspective) to the company which gives them a new lens to see the world

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. One where answers to what the company is being hired to doand how to improve the product becomes more obvious. (linking it back to Jobs-to-be-done).

And if you find this way of thinking valuable, I would definitely also recommend Niraj Dawar’s When Marketing Is Strategy. Dawar writes about how downstream, customer centric, strategies are out-winning the upstream, efficiency and company driven process in the market place.

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