In the end, the best customer experience wins, no matter who makes it

How will Customer Experience change through programmed relationships, analytics, the Internet of Things and the digital OS? 

Is Customer Experience already dead? And old relic unable to deliver on the promise it gave, because of its hands being tied and/or a lack of imagination to what customer experience could be? A band-aid put on top of corporate strategy to pretty up the bride while business is doing business as usual?

Where Customer Experience has failed will we see success through Customer Delight? Which at least demands that if we are to dramatically change our relationships with our customers we need a new idea of how to think – and how to manage an organization around that thinking.

– The current practice of management is not aligned to a new world where customers suddenly become an important strategic asset. Companies have been designed to keep customers out. Brand, design and advertising are all tools to safely keep customers on the outside
. But, if companies are to reap the benefit of delighting customers, they need to rethink / redo the way they manage their organization – 

In this talk: ‘In the end, the best app wins, no matter who makes it’ I take the participants on a journey from the building blocks of today’s Customer Experience
. Trying to show why and how it is a valuable tool for the business and also show how it can change both itself, deliverables, business and management going forward.

1. How will we win? – The Customer Experience is directly linked to the business strategy – it’s not operational or only digital. It’s defining the company’s role and how we are going to create what value for our customers in order to win in the market. The further down into the organization the Customer Experience disappears – the further the organization is from realizing new value through its customers. 

2. Precision and relationships – When customers buying behavior changes the tools to motivate this behavior needs to adapt
. We are moving from treating people as mass to building long terms personal relationships with them.

3. Motivation – Understanding the role of design in the user experience. It doesn’t matter how good the product or service is – bad design can kill even the best of initiatives.

4. Programmed Customer Experience – Customer relationships and interactions are becoming programmed. This increases scalability, data gathering and individualization
. It changes the way we view our purpose. How we create value and where we should operate in order to create which value for our customers.

5. IoT and the customer experience in the future – A new type of technology is slowly making its way into industries and companies. Changing them for the third time – introducing computer executed customer interactions, a break down of the concentrated model, hiding and new insight

6.From Customer Experience to Customer Delight – Customer experience is a tired term designed to fit the passive role of companies in the share holder economy – it’s a pat on the back and an ‘at least we tried – the customers are just not interested.’ Customer delight is a fundamentally different approach affecting both customers and management

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