The Customer Map – How Can Customers Change Our Thinking?

If you ask customers the right questions the answers can change the way you think about your business.

Roger Martin suggests we are moving into an era of Customer CapitalismSteve Denning tells us that we are already thereThe IBM C-Suite study is confirming companies increasing attention to customer’s strategic importance – and people like either Clayton Christensen (with jobs-to-be-done) or Madsberg and Rasmussen are suggesting that companies are standing on the top of the wrong units of analysis

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The movement is obvious.. companies are becoming more and more customer centric – because they have to
. And increasingly aware of the fact that how they are currently doing their customer research doesn’t produce the right kind of answers.

So, how can customers change how you think and which answers should you be looking for?

The Customer Map is a prototype trying to put several different approaches into one canvas. I am hoping it has some content or triggers that generates new thinking or curiosity. It’s not by any means a complete or final suggestion to what customers can offer, but it is a start. It could possibly offer some people a greater perspective on how customers can offer more value than how they are using them today.

As always, ideas don’t deserve to be put into parking lots (books) but need to be continuously developed, challenged and explored.

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