What is next generation participation?

The common or “standard” social network of today is a 1st generation collaborative community, what will be next?

I’m trying to put my finger on some of this, or at least the building blocks of it, in this presentation published on slideshare.net

The essence is that we need to start looking at collaboration as something richer than getting participants to contribute their preset format content in a serial, one dimensional, string, within a rigid structure of publishing


Collaboration is all about creatively collecting and combining a collection of data, making it accessible anywhere, through anything, with incentives for collaboration

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Today we have created to many artificial barriers to participation

So here are my thoughts… (with links)

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  1. O.S
    October 13

    well one of the tricky things has to do with old models and old ways of companies. Owning stuff, and creating standards. We can’t even seem to build browsers that interpret code (when correctly written) the same way. This is, of course, a must. Standards that leaves everything enterpretable and open. When the sharing mentality of proactive (dare I say younger) people is the ruling way of thinking, we’ll get near. However much I agree with you, there are so many obstacles – and they’re not technologically based. It’s rather collective company thinking (old truths).

  2. October 13

    Thanks for contributing O.S.
    I do agree with you. I think it aligns with the thoughts of both Clay Shirky and Charles Leadbeater.

    Leadbeater voices his opinion on the problems of patent regulation, and how it fits the old – but not the new way of business in his speech at TED some years ago.

    Seth Godins book Meatball Sundae actually also puts the point across – new media is for new business models, not old. :o)

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