Small scale multidimensional arenas

What is next generation participation? I will try to put my finger on two trends.

1. Micro solutions

    Today we see social networks as something big. Accessible, walls, conscious networks, universal. But take the essence of the mechanics and dynamics of these solutions and push it into micro solutions. Accessible via desktop applications or the mobile phone

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    . Put it into The Internet of Things. In essence, participation will seed into everything and create dialogue in stuff we today treat as “storage facilities”.

2. Multidimensional
Today data comes in three flavors:

    Conscious – Deliberate participation initiated by the participant(s). Like Facebook.

    Subconscious – Data supplied consciously by the participant creates the mechanics. But the data is collected without the participant actively publishing it
    . Nike+ is an example, where data is collected when the participant joins the experience – and then automatically published by the application.

    Unconscious – Data is being collected with the participants consent, or not personalized. New York Talk Exchange and Real-Time Rome are examples of this.

Both trends are important as we move from first generation, one dimensional networks to small scale, multidimensional arenas inside the fabric of our personal technologies.

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